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Custom Woodwork

Window and Door Casings:

Window and door casings are available in many different sizes and styles but when working on older - historic or period style homes such as Victorian and craftsman style homes matching base and casings cannot be found. Modern moldings available off the shelf just don't do justice to the original moldings used on these homes.

DC Construction & Woodwork owns & operates the equipment to custom match any molding. That's critical when a seamless transition between new and old is the goal.



Custom Built- in Cabinets

custom cabinets

Nothing compares to the usability and beauty of a well designed - purpose built cabinet. It is often the best solution for efficient use of available space and can be the centerpiece of the room.

We have designed and built hallway bookcases, entertainment systems, vanities and kitchen cabinets and would love to help you design your cabinets.






Stairs & Railings

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Stairways are often one of the most prominent features in the home. Usually located near the main entry or living room. They are seen by everyone who enters the home and therefore should look their best and compliment the woodwork elsewhere in the home.

Installation of stairs and railings is considered to be some of the more intricate & exacting carpentry found in most homes and requires much patience and skill.

We have installed many stairways ranging from simple straight run carpeted stairs for basement access to L shaped, U shaped and winding stairways and we would love to help design and build yours.